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C A Rin is a writer of thrillers:
psychological, crime, and the occasional supernatural –
because who doesn’t love a little irrational fear?

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Rin has enjoyed international careers in film, marketing, and event management before ‘retiring’ into a vocation in painting. Some years ago, she replaced the paintbrush with a keyboard to pursue her passion for storytelling.

 “There is an emotional intimacy, yet physical distance in the words of a story that allows us to dip our toes into the dark, the erotic, and the dangerous.”

Whether through drama, art, or the written word, Rin can’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t have a story in play, and the best part, she reveals, is most of the time even she doesn’t know how they will end.


Rin has been fortunate to have built a solid research association with legal, psychological, and law enforcement and strives for authenticity in her stories.


C A Rin currently lives on the Gold Coast of Australia, where many of her stories take place.

C A Rin is the winner of the Gold Coast Writers Association 2023 Short Story Competition

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