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The Vanity

A Supernatural Thriller


A new town. A chance to start over. Resurrect a marriage. Yet, nothing goes to plan. Invasive thoughts distort Charlotte’s reasoning. Inner voices draw her toward infidelity and violence. Is this her true self—addicted to destructive behavior? Is she tumbling into madness? Or have her inner demons awakened a far greater evil? As a series of brutal murders baffle local police, not everyone in town is surprised. For centuries, the area has been plagued by mass murder, and the key lies within a journal written by a survivor of an ill-fated convict ship and among the scrolls of ancient Mesopotamian texts. When evidence implicating Charlotte mounts, husband Sam begins a frantic search to find the one thing that can save his wife before the police close in, and she is lost forever.

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Witches And Lost Children 

A Detective DeLuca Greyson Thriller

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Two separate incidents and weeks apart, two girls are abducted from outside local nightclubs. When eight days after the second abduction, one girl stumbles battered and dazed into the arms of a rescuer, all evidence leads to a convicted rapist. Detective DeLuca Greyson (Grey) is convinced he has his man. But as the case begins to unravel, Grey is torn between protocol and his gut feeling. Haunted by events in his own past, inspiration comes from the most unlikely sources. A novella and prequel to the bestselling thriller Of Blood.

Midnight To Mourning 

The Mourning Series

Naomi prefers the midnight shift. It gives her time to think. To declutter her thoughts. Quieten the incessant voices around her. But not tonight. Tonight, the voices will not be silenced. Reluctant clairvoyant, Naomi, is a cleaner at the university, but what she experiences in those early hours haunts her still — could she have changed the course of events, or are our lives already fated? A series of disturbing anomalies. A tragic night of murder. A malevolence carried on the wings of divination. This stand-alone short story, set in the same universe as Mine To Mourn, crosses over into the supernatural.

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Of Blood 

A Detective DeLuca Greyson Thriller

Returning home for her father’s funeral, Marnie learns a shocking revelation about her and her family. As she pieces together secrets an entire town wants to forget, it becomes clear that a dangerous legacy lives on, and she is the only one willing to stop it.​ Meanwhile, Detective DeLuca Greyson, a man haunted by his own past, is investigating a series of brutal murders. When he connects them to a twenty-eight-year-old mass murder in a remote rural town, his and Marnie’s paths cross. Though both seek the same killer, neither entirely trusts the other – especially since one wants justice and the other vengeance. But it is not long before the tables turn, and, as the extent of the killer’s depravity is revealed, both will stop at nothing to track down a man whose crimes have become very personal.

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Mine To Mourn 

A Psychological Thriller

When confronted with the murder of a beloved colleague at the university where she teaches, Casey cannot shake the notion that she is responsible. Scarred by her past, a place where everyone she loves ends up dead, she is evasive when questioned by detectives, but when implicated in the murders of others, Casey’s struggle to exonerate herself reveals evidence more shocking than she can imagine. Nothing she has believed is the truth and she alone must figure out the identity of a killer she never believed was real.

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For Mine To Mourn

Dark and suspenseful... Riveting in its twists and turns... A powerful debut.

Highly recommend. Absolutely couldn’t put it down... Tense and thrilling

Brilliant… Had me hooked from the start. Exactly what you want in a psychological thriller.

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